Providing group home and semi-independent living for adults with developmental disabilities.

Van Hook, Inc. is dedicated to providing long-term residential care in a safe, supportive, family-like environment for adults with developmental disabilities with opportunities for choice and encouragement for independence in the least restrictive environment.


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With ample room to live, work, and play, activities reflect individual needs, abilities and choices. In addition to activities of daily living, on-site activities include computer games, e-mail, filtered internet access, current events, arts and crafts, vegetable gardening, as well as activities around the home such as lawn and equipment maintenance.

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For physical fitness, a 1/10 mile track is available for walking, cycling, skating, and training for the Special Olympics. Our spacious gymnasium provides for plenty of physical activity year-round. Residents participate in activities such as basketball, pickleball, soccer, and other aerobic fun.

Regular off-site activities include shopping, dining, bowling, dances, attending church services, and visiting with friends in the community. We also have special events in which one or more of our residents may participate. These may include movies, concerts, spectator sports, fishing, hiking, and other local attractions.

If desired, residents can be assessed by the Division of Rehabilitation Services to determine eligibility for assistance in community job placement or referral to a sheltered workshop.

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